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Val Kilmer Waxes Poetic in “Citizen Twain”

In Citizen Twain, a new one-man show written by and starring Val Kilmer, Mr. Kilmer invokes the spirit of Mark Twain to “preach” on the character of America.  He takes us through Twain’s biography, his experience as a dead man, his relationship with God, and finally Twain’s America.  The nonlinear storytelling which Kilmer employs is chock full of anachronisms and critiques of our present day America.  And it works brilliantly.  Anyone who has read Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn can agree that Twain […] 

Scarborough Renaisance Festival


The Perfect Weekend in DFW: 4/20 edition

This weekend is one of America’s biggest unofficial, underground holidays that gets more popular (and less frowned upon) with every state that puts marijuana up for decriminalization. This year, do something different for 4/20 day (aka National Smoke Day); get your ass off the couch and go have some fun! Here are a few cool things to do this weekend in the DFW while you celebrate (in spirit – this is Texas people; we do not condone the use of […] 

Kitchen Dog Theater’s “Rx” is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Kitchen Dog Theater’s new production Rx, by Kate Fodor, is a delightful take on our nation’s overmedicated and misguided attempts to alleviate hopelessness.  This quirky play shows us that we don’t need medication to find true happiness; but, rather, we must begin to appreciate the small things in life – an enchantingly awkward first kiss, discovering the silver lining in your once-loathed job, and even in a decorated pair of granny panties.  Director Chris Carlos says, Using the format of […] 

Deep Ellum Art Festival


DFW’s best beer bars for throwing back some local craft beer

Everybody has an opinion on the “best” place to guzzle some suds, just like everyone has an opinion on things like the best pizza, best coffee (black or latte, french press or chemex?), or best ice cream (Bluebell or Paciugo?). Here are the RFH top picks to sit back and chillax with a cold one from right here in North Texas.  Craft and Growler: Expo Park’s Craft and Growler is a fave amongst our readers (or at least, our Facebook followers), […] 

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