Local winter craft beers to spice up your sesh

Here at Red Flying Horse, we love beer year ’round but there is always something extra special about seasonal selections; maybe it’s because they are only sold for a limited time or because seasonal selections tend to be exactly what you’re looking for at that moment in time. Kind of like a right place at the right time “je ne sais quoi.” Now that Dallas is building quite the thriving local craft beer scene, here are some local favorites (some seasonal, some not) that we think pair well with the spirit of the holidays. Look for these brews at your favorite beer bar or pay the breweries a visit and try them at the source.

Deep Ellum Festivus: This self proclaimed “Hoppy Black Ale” is kind of like an oops-baby between a Cascadian Dark Ale and a Black IPA. The flavor punch of hops and hint of pine make it festive, indeed. Get it while it’s still available.

Peticolas Wintervention: This strong ale is a classic winter/Christmas beer all the way. In other words, it’s a dark ale that isn’t shy on spice. Drink with caution; this brew is 10% ABV. (In other words, if you can drive after three Bud Lights, please do not drive after three of these.)

Lakewood Punkel: Pumpkin + dunkel = Lakewood’s Punkel. Full of pumpkin spice and dunkely goodness, this fall beer still tastes good through the end of the year.

Lakewood Temptress: Winter is a popular time of year to enjoy a good stout, mostly because heavy beers go as well with cold weather as heavy meals and heavy beers drank with a heavy meal. The Temptress is a silky smooth Imperial milk stout; tempting indeed, but let her draw you in too much and she will wallop you with her 9.1% ABV.

Franconia Winter Wheat: Franconia’s Winter Wheat takes a slightly heavier take on this typically light, fruity and zesty style of beer. It’s a little darker in color and a smidge heavier in spice but it’s a great alternative when you’re looking for something “wintry” without the heaviness of a stout or a dunkel.

Revolver Blood and Honey: A beer doesn’t have to be heavy and dark to necessarily match the season’s tidings, and Revolver’s Blood and Honey (while a favorite year ’round) is a great option for something a little lighter. It’s finished with blood orange zest and local honey, but it’s also got some great spice to it that makes it mesh well with holiday cheer.

Rahr Winter Whiskey Warmer: This is the seasonal beer to end all seasonal beers. The elusive Winter Whiskey Warmer is Rahr’s Winter Warmer brew (which itself is good, but nothing super special) aged in a bourbon barrel. The result is all the flavor and smoothness of a winter beer with a nice whiskey kick in the finish. This brew is a little difficult to track down and is sold in very limited quantities and sells out extremely fast. Your best bet is to inquire at your closest Flying Saucer or Ginger Man and show up on the day the nice waiter tells you the keg will be coming in.

  • Radford McAwesome

    Cool review. Would read again!

  • http://redflyinghorse.com Jason Bunnell

    I am going to a Deep Ellum Brewery tour next Thursday so hopefully they will have some (or more than just some) Festivus to try. Also want to find a place serving the Rahr Winter Whiskey Warmer. That sounds amazing.

  • http://johnbcreative.com Bryce Bezner

    Wintervention is fantastic! Meddlesome Moth has it on tap.

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